About Me

Muse [myooz]- Verb, mused, musing. To think or meditate in silence, as on some subject. To gaze meditatively or wonderingly (Dictonary.com).

Writing use to be my therapeutic escape from reality. A young girl with body image issues and low self-esteem, writing was like a friend to me—helping me through some of the darkest times that I’ve ever experienced. With my pen and paper, I could create a story that expressed precisely how I felt and what I longed for. When writing, I was allowed to feel the immense pain of loss, regret and shame– but also experienced the highs that came with happiness and joy. I grasped on to the power of words early in life, but then I graduated college and began my pursuit into the “real world” revolving around creating a career in banking, leaving my therapy of writing behind.

My daughter was about to turn 4 when I realized I was ready to take a leap of faith and pursue a dream that I’ve never purposely acknowledged. It was time to share my words and journey to the world and create my own future. The result: a blog called A Musing Momma.

Would you believe it if I told you that I’m constantly writing up stories in my head about my life experiences? Thoughts and other musings about experiences and life events. A Musing Momma allows me to transfer those head stories and put them into a story that will speak to you.

What started out as a way to get back into my passion turned into a business idea. A way to inspire and empower other working parents to pursue their passions. A way to connect with other like-minded working parents who are tired of living a life void of intention and purpose.

A Community of Support and Connection

This community will include mommas who are tired of working the traditional 9-5 job. She is a hardworking momma who knows the value she brings to the table, but often times feels ignored, dismissed and unappreciated. She is constantly looking for growth and development opportunities, but doesn’t know where (or how) to begin. This person has talent and a dream that lives just beneath the surface.

Perhaps she’s considered leaving her full-time job. Maybe even spent countless hours applying for that promotion that never comes. Or maybe she’s the one who is happy where she’s at—but still feels a pang of guilt when she can’t pick up the kiddos from daycare or school. It could be that she feels alone and saddened by her circle of friends disappearing over the years. Or, in the early hours of the morning, when she’s got a 3-month-old child attached to her breast and she feels the pressures of motherhood, that she isn’t sure if she can adjust to her new life.

…Whatever her circumstance, A Musing Momma will be the linking force.

A Musing Momma offers thoughts, stories and other musings of working parents who are chasing their dreams and pursuing passion in life. A place for networking and connection with a community who will support and collaborate with you.

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Meet Candice

Candice is a thirty-something year old married momma to one living in Phoenix, Arizona. She works full time as a Corporate Trainer in a community banking organization. She began her career in the banking industry during college, and experienced life as a full-time student when receiving a degree in Communication from Arizona State University in 2010. Currently working towards a Master’s degree in Leadership from Grand Canyon University, Candice will finish her graduate studies by March 2018.

A full time working momma, Candice is passionate about career development and growth. She knows the importance of living a meaningful life while being able to provide for her family. She believes that it is possible to excel at working + mommy-ing and knows there’s a way to LOVE what you do 100% of the time. She is passionate about leading and inspiring other working mommas through A Musing Momma. Simply put, Candice is on a mission to help other working parents discover their passions and authentically connect.